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Lundby Smaland Armchair & Footstool Set

by Lundby

Part Number: 60.209299999999999

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  • This cute furniture set is a perfect addition to any dollhouse living room or bedroom
  • This matching set will add a cozy, homey flair to your dollhouse
  • This set includes a matching armchair and footstool, side table with a book, and soft throw rug
  • Crafted with realistic detail to a 1:18 scale, suitable for dolls around 4" tall
  • Lundby doll house, dolls and other accessories are sold separately
Product Description

The perfect update to any doll house, the Lundby armchair and footstool set will give a cozy and stylish flair to any room. With this Lundby Armchair with Footstool Set Enjoy a rest in a cozy chair by the fire, this cozy armchair is made in a new luxury fabric with matching foot stool! Also in the set is a lovely small wooden side table rest your book on the table while you take a little nap! The set also includes a book and a white sheep's wool rug. Crafted to a 1:18 scale and suitable for dolls around 4" tall. Lundby doll house, dolls and other accessories are sold separately. Since 1945, Lundby dollhouses have been crafted with the utmost love and care. Grete Thomson first designed these miniatures for her niece and they were so cherished that the soon the Lundby business was created. Known for their realistic detail and contemporary Swedish design, Lundby Smaland accessories will breathe life into any doll house or miniature setting.

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Amazon Sales Rank 355,570
Main Category Toy
Group Toy
Publisher Lundby - North America
Studio Lundby - North America
Brand Lundby
Manufacturer Lundby - North America
Manufacturer Part Number 60.209299999999999
Part Number 60.209299999999999
Package Quantity 1
Warranty No Warranty
Dimensions 2.0 x 5.75 x 5.82 inches
Package Dimensions 5.83 x 5.67 x 2.05 inches. Weight: 0.26 pounds
Language(s) English (Unknown)
Adult Product? No

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