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Sleek Garden Ultra Reach 40 in Watering Wand ?28 in Garden Hose with Convenient 12 in Extension, with 8 Adjustable Spray Patterns Best for Hanging Baskets, Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, Garden and Lawn

by Sleek Garden

Part Number: 4336491920

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  • ARTHRITIS RELIEF | EFFORTLESS WATERING BY DESIGN: For people with arthritis, dealing with trigger-operated or unwieldly wands can cause pain. That's why we designed the Relaxed Gardener with a slip-resistant and light-weight aluminum body to be painless for everyone. Switching between the softest flow and its most powerful is also simple and can be done with a simple, smooth motion.
  • FINALLY, TRULY LEAK FREE WATERING: Tired of "leak-proof" watering wands with cheap valves that drip, leaving you more watered than your veggies? Our watering wands use proprietary construction, high-quality valve mechanisms and non-corroding material so even leak-prone areas stay perfectly dry-and you do, too.
  • REACH HIGHER AND LOWER THAN OTHER WANDS: Our engineers designed this wand with a 180 swivel head and an extending body OVER TWICE its original length. Now you can reach the roof of your sedan, underside of your patio, and your hanging begonias, no bending or tippy toes necessary.
  • FEATHER LIGHT AND DURABLE: Try it compared to your old watering wand and you'll see how much longer you can use the Relaxed Gardener. These watering wands are built with high-quality aluminum, illustrating our commitment to giving you the strongest watering wands that you can still use with just one hand.
  • THE BEST GUARANTEE IN THE BUSINESS: There's a reason gardeners who use our watering wands are so relaxed. You can rest easy knowing we stand behind our watering wands. They will perform beyond your expectations, guaranteed, or we'll buy it back from you risk-free.
Product Description

The Relaxed Gardener: The Perfect Watering Wand for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Most watering wands are made with cheap valve mechanisms or heavy, clunky materials, which prevents people from being able to use them for very long. The Relaxed Gardener's heavy-duty aluminum body and high-quality mechanisms are strong and durable while also staying feather light and easy to use. And they look great on their own, for that modern look.

NEVER-LEAK Technology Keeps Hands Dry and Flow Strong

It takes more than o-rings and plastic to prevent leakage and keep flow strong. You have to start with expert design, continue with high-quality material, and end with flawless manufacturing. The Relaxed Gardener was designed by engineers and gardeners, using high-grade aluminum and valves, and employs a proprietary manufacturing processes to ensure no leaks for life. Enjoy a strong, even stream, and freedom from leaks.

Great News For Arthritis Sufferers-Made for Easy Use and Ready to Water

Holding a watering wand for any length of time can be a big pain for some people. But Relaxed Gardener wands are made to be ultra light, so you can go through your whole chore list in one go. The watering wand also comes fully assembled so you can start watering immediately, and features with a valve rather than a trigger mechanism, meaning you do not need to apply continuous pressure to spray..

The Watering Wand That DOUBLES in Length

Leave the chairs in the kitchen-you won't need to stand on them any more. This watering wand extends naturally and easily to reach any hard to water hanging pot or vehicle roof with ease..


We stand by our products so our customers can stay relaxed. Use our specially designed, robustly constructed watering wand for all your watering needs, and if you ever find it disappoints you or starts to leak, you can return it for a full refund.

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  • 702334642221
Amazon Sales Rank 63,582
Group Lawn & Patio
Publisher Sleek Garden
Studio Sleek Garden
Brand Sleek Garden
Manufacturer Sleek Garden
Manufacturer Part Number 4336491920
Part Number 4336491920
Package Dimensions 31.61 x 3.11 x 2.8 inches. Weight: 1.05 pounds
Adult Product? No

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