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Snare Drum and Tom-tom Mount Isolation ? Fits all Brands of Drums - Little Booty Shakers (Black - 3 Pack)

by TnR Products

Part Number: 3002

Style: Black

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  • IMPROVES THE VOLIME AND PROJECTION OF ANY SNARE DRUM OR RACK TOM and prevents premature sound decay created by your drum and its contact with the stand
  • ELIMINATES THE TRANSFER OF VIBRATIONS FROM YOUR SNARE DRUM OR TOM AND ITS STAND (which chokes sustain and sound), allowing you to hear the true sound of your snare drum or tom-tom without the stand interfering
  • CREATES BETTER STICK REBOUND and feel from your snare drum or rack tom by absorbing the shock between your drum and its stand
  • INCREASES THE LOW END RESPONSE and RESONANCE from your rack tom or snare
  • UNIVERSALLY FITS ANY and ALL BRANDS of SNARE DRUM STANDS including: VINTAGE DRUMS and can be installed or removed in SECONDS
Product Description

Little Booty Shakers are floatation devices for snare drums and mounted tom-toms. They attach in seconds with two velcro straps on the three arms of the snare stand basket. Now the tom or snare floats on a cushion of foam. The drum no longer loses energy due to its connection with the stand. They will increase the sustain and range of frequency response. The low notes of your tom will really come through, and your snare will sound deeper, and open. Little Booty Shakers work with any brand of drum or snare stand. They decouple your drum without adding any mass. They are light portable, and inexpensive. Little Booty Shakers are a "must have" for anyone wanting a consistant performance from their drums. Little Booty Shakers put the Bah-Boom in you tom and snare!

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Amazon Sales Rank 26,011
Group Musical Instruments
Publisher TnR Products, Inc.
Studio TnR Products, Inc.
Brand TnR Products
Manufacturer TnR Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number 3002
Part Number 3002
Package Quantity 3
Colors Black
Dimensions 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 inches. Weight: 0.01 pounds
Package Dimensions 7.6 x 4.1 x 2.1 inches. Weight: 0.1 pounds
Adult Product? No

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