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Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts

by Christopher de Hamel

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Product Description

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts written and read by Christopher de Hamel.

This is a book about why medieval manuscripts matter. Coming face to face with an important illuminated manuscript in the original is rather like meeting a very famous person. We may all pretend that a well-known celebrity is no different from anyone else, and yet there is an undeniable thrill in actually meeting and talking to a person of world stature. The idea for this book, which is entirely new, is to invite the listener into an intimate conversation with a selection of the most famous manuscripts in existence and to let each of those manuscripts illuminate the Middle Ages and sometimes the modern world too.

Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts invites the listener to accompany the author on exclusive private visits to a dozen very varied collections, in different parts of the world, to discover 12 great manuscripts and to explore their historical and intellectual significance.

Amazon Sales Rank 109,585
Main Category Audible Audiobook
Group Audible
Publisher Penguin Books Ltd
Studio Penguin Books Ltd
Brand Unknown
Manufacturer Penguin Books Ltd
Narrator(s) Christopher de Hamel
Publisher(s) Penguin Books Ltd
Language(s) English (Published)
English (Original Language)
Running Time 1060 minutes
Adult Product? No

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