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Wire Cable Saw 2 Pack Survival Wire Saws Hand Pocket Stainless Steel Pocket Wire Saws Rope Blade Chain Survival Tool with Finger Handle for Cutting Emergency Rescue Gear Kit Camping Hand Chainsaw

by EZYoutdoor

Part Number: EZY1211

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  • PORTABLE MULTIPURPOSE POCKET SAW - Use for stainless steel,emergency kit,survival kit,emergency survival kit,emergency tool,emergency tool kit,wire kit,camping kit,tool kit,survival tool,stainless steel carabiner,paracord handle,stainless steel ring,steel ring,survival pack,camping pack.22" Metal Wire Saw,made of high strength stainless steel wire,4-strand braided chain cord; The saw teeth is sharp and tight, can be used to cut wood(no more than 3 inches),plastic,bone,rubber and soft metal
  • USER-FRIENDLY FINGER SAW - Use for small carabiner,ring pack,adjustable belt,chain saw,camping survival kit,belt loop,belt pouch,stainless steel chain,pocket tool,saw 2,camping tool,metal wire,utility belt,small belt pouch,steel carabiner,steel chain,steel wire.With two rings and 360 degree rotational band at the end.It can easily operating and carrying, safe for hand and cloth, no need special maintain.With metal handles pulling ring(dia.1"),360 degree swivel points,fit for one finger handling
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT SIZE - Use for chain tool,utility pouch,stainless carabiner,stainless wire,nylon belt,stainless steel wire,chain saws for trees,metal saw,plastic chain,pocket pouch,finger ring,small pouch,emergency pack,small saw,ring kit.Lightweight and compact, and can be coiled up and easily included in survival and camping kits.Folding design with carabiner keyring for better packing and taking along,and with 1 small nylon pouch to store;only 0.7oz,the total rope saw length 29"
  • ESSENTIAL EMERGENCY SURVIVAL SAW TOOL - Use for metal ring,chain saw chaps,pocket chain,pocket saw,wire saw,cable saw,rope saw,camping saw,rope saw tree saw high limb,pocket chainsaw,survival saw,hand chainsaw,pull string fire starter,paracord belt,camping rope,bone saw,hand saws for trees.This wire saw is perfect for camping,hiking,hunting and fishing;quickly saw small to medium sized tree limbs into usable wood for a lifesaving fire,shelter or to build a rescue signal fire
  • SURVIVAL GREAT TOOL - Use for tree saw,folding bow saw,camp saw,bow saw,folding saws for camping,survival rope,limb saw.NOTE- Don't try to cut with the wire saw in a U shape;The straighter it is the better.Perfect Match for hiking,camping and other outdoor activities survival tool.Package Included:2 Pack x Pocket Cable Saw;7-15 business days delivery date with tracking number by USPS
Product Description

Use for
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Stainless Steel Wire Saw
It is a good survival tool for hinking,camping and other outdoor activities.
Took down several medium branches(2-3 inches thick)in about a mimute each, and several small branches(1 inch or less) in seconds.
Good quality, sharp cutting edge, small size, light weight, easy to carry
It is a good tool for the survival of the field . Can be used to cut wood plastic rubber soft metal and other materials.

Usage Tips:
With one hand: Firstly cut a thumb size branch that is 10cm longer than the saw itself. Then cut a V pattern on the two ends of the branch,put one ring in one V, and bend the branch, then the other ring in the other V, you can get a bow-like saw.
With two hands: put your thumbs in the rings at the ends, tighten and move back and forth.

Material:Stainless Steel
Wire Saw : Multi-Strand Wire + Hoop + Pull Ring
Length: Approx 22"(56cm).Total length: about 27"(69cm)
Pull ring dia.:1.18"(3cm)
Package Included:2 Pack x Wire Cable Saw

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Group Sports
Publisher EZYoutdoor
Studio EZYoutdoor
Brand EZYoutdoor
Manufacturer EZYoutdoor
Manufacturer Part Number EZY1211
Part Number EZY1211
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