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Love Filled

by Amanda Hayes

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Energy is everything. Everything we will ever be, everything we ever were, anything we can ever become is made up of energy. We are all connected to everything. We know this in the beginning but somewhere along the way there is a disconnection. Life becomes overwhelming and we forget. Love Filled shows a young child, Christopher explaining his journey of how he came into being. An overwhelmed ten year old dealing with his emotions and how he found his way back to connection and inner peace. As a mom of three boys, writing this book couldn't have happened with out my oldest son Christopher. As much of a bright light as he can be, he had dealt with a lot of anger issues growing up and being a young mother, I had a lot of growing up to do as well. The most important thing I had gained through my relationship with Christopher is connection and understanding. Getting back to the basics. What is happiness? What is love? Why does there become a disconnection? How do we get back? Can we get back? All of life's pressing questions waiting to be solved, when the answer was sitting right in front of us the whole time. All we had to do was stop for a second. Stop trying to make the river flow in the opposite direction. Stop overthinking what it is that you are missing. Stop running around. Stop holding on to feelings that don't serve you. Stop, stop, stop, stop. Breathe. Let it go. Let it flow back to you. If your little one is dealing with anger or overwhelming feelings, I hope this books helps them to remember. And if anything at all, I hope it teaches them they can never wander too far away to be able to heal.

ASIN B0844T6476
Amazon Sales Rank 61,189
Released 01/22/2020
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Language(s) English (Published)
Adult Product? No


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