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ROCKLEOPARD Yoga Mat Suitable for Pilates, Floor Exercises, and Meditation - Durable Non Slip Workout Mats for Fitness - Premium Exercise Equipment and Accessories for Gym and Home


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  • <b>PROFESSIONAL MAT WITH GREAT PERFORMANCE<b/>: these workout mats are constructed with the highest quality materials that are guaranteed to help yoga beginners and seasoned experts achieve and execute an outstanding performance. With its long-lasting, super grip, the non-slip yoga mat will, in fact, improve over time. The thick cushion will help assist with comfort while you enjoy your practice.
  • <b>ASHTANGA, IYENGAR, & BIKRAM OH MY</b>: There are several different types of yogic practices including these, but our long-lasting highly durable fitness mats will stand the test of time. So don't hold back, go ahead and buy your ROCK<b>LEOPARD</b> mat today, and start your yoga practice. Focusing on your well being, here and now.
  • ROCK<b>LEOPARD TOUGHNESS</b>: Manufactured in Germany from the highest quality materials, this multi-purpose exercise mat can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to floor exercises, they are perfect for yoga, meditation, or Pilates. You don't have to choose just one activity. Our products empower people to live a health-conscious lifestyle. So explore the possibilities.
  • <b>BIG ENOUGH FOR ME</b>: At more than six feet long and two feet wide, these are suitable for even some of the larger yoga practitioners like me. Even with my 6' 2" frame, I am perfectly comfortable using one of these extra-large yoga mats.
  • <b>THE FINE PRINT</b>: We guarantee our stylish mats to be free of manufacturer defects, if cared for and used properly, for one year from the date received. If it is found that there are manufacturer defects and the yoga mat does not meet our standard of quality at the time of purchase, or if it wears out under normal conditions, we will replace the product.
Product Description


ROCKLEOPARD empowers people to live a life focused on their wellbeing and to live life fearlessly, in the now.

A regular meditation practice is helpful in staying present. Sitting quietly in the lotus position on this thick YOGAMAT is a great start to reaching that blissful state of nowness.

Our brand aims to inspire people to MOVE, to live a life with emphasis on their welfare and prosperity, to allow us to achieve our true potential.

The LEOPARD is significant, in that no two LEOPARDS have the same spots; they are truly unique, as are all humans. It is that uniqueness that should be celebrated and nurtured in all of us, for we are all one.

(2) Storage tube

Dimensions: 25 ½" (W) x 72 ¾" (L) inches
Materials: Polyester and Vinyl
Colors: Anthracite


Accompanied with our portable exercise mat is a tube that is used to store and transport the mat. This is a great way to keep your YOGAMAT dust free between sessions.

This wide workout mat is perfect for everything from downward facing dog to warrior two, and all those positions in between.

With this mats' sleek design and super grip, you'll always have the stability you need to maintain your posture for some of the more lengthy routines.

Did we mention.. the YOGAMAT is made in an emission-free environment and is OEKO-TEX compliant? This means it is safe for you, little ones, and our beloved pets.

By buying a ROCKLEOPARD mat, you will actively be helping to reduce the number of mats entering landfills every year, due to its durability and construction, you ROCK!

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Amazon Sales Rank 145,885
Main Category Misc.
Group Sports
Publisher Maginnis Global Pty Ltd
Studio Maginnis Global Pty Ltd
Manufacturer Maginnis Global Pty Ltd
Colors Anthracite
Package Dimensions 27 x 5.3 x 5.3 inches. 7.35 pounds
Adult Product? No


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