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Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game for Indoor Outdoor Beach Play Bundle with 4 Replacement Birdies and 2 LED Birdies for Night Play

by Funsparks

Part Number: 43224-4693

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  • All-season racket paddle game; incredibly fun for kids (age 6 up), teens, tweens or even older folks
  • Play indoors, outdoors, at the pool or beach (water resistant)
  • Play at night with 2 LED Birdies that light up for about 20 seconds when hit
  • 4 Replacement birdies: 2 orange for slow play (ideal for indoor play) and 2 blue for fast play
  • 2 fluorescent paddles, 1 ball, 1 red birdie (slow play),1 yellow birdie (fast play), 2 LED birdies, 4 replacement birdies
Product Description

Jazzminton has a lot going on. You can play a slow game with the feathers or a faster game with the ball. The magic of this game is that due to the spin of the birdies the game adjusts itself to the skill level and the mood of the players. So if you want to play slow and easy you have great fun or if you want to play hard and fast you will have a blast. It's great for hand-eye coordination and cardio. You can play as near as 5 feet or as far as 30 feet. Play at night by using the patented LED birdies included in this set. Feathers are glued to the birdie tip with special water-resistant glue so you can play in and around any body of water.

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Amazon Sales Rank 507,296
Main Category Misc.
Group Sports
Publisher Funsparks
Studio Funsparks
Brand Funsparks
Manufacturer Funsparks
Manufacturer Part Number 43224-4693
Part Number 43224-4693
Package Dimensions 12.5 x 10.1 x 2.3 inches. Weight: 0.8 pounds
Adult Product? No

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