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Thriving Upon the Dragon's Back: Guiding Notes from an Expat in China

by Alan Abrams

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Dao. Virtue. Water—essences of China's culture. Dao, the root and platform; Virtue, the human expression of Dao; Water, the natural flow of Dao and virtue throughout human life. Extracted from the author's 16 years of living immersed in China, these notes from the “dragon’s back” are a memoir, introduction and guide to living in modern Chinese culture. Interwoven within is an introduction to and a guide to using crucial Chinese philosophical principles to meet the challenges of traveling to or living within the social, economic, environmental and political situations of modern China.

Part guidebook—you’ll be taken through the crowded masses and metropolises; stopped in your digital-tracks at the Great Firewall of China; aided in choosing a location to inhabit as well as in creating a network of cohorts; offered crystalized experience into learning Mandarin Chinese; introduced to indigenous cuisine and ancient medicinal arts as well as to parts of this limitless culture that enrich living on the dragon’s back.

Part philosophy—you’ll learn from Daoist and Confucian philosophies how to spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even dietarily, work with the experience of China. Using this ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time, a holistic high-quality life can then be created, without years of trial and error that many who live abroad go through.

From the homebody to the world-traveler, from the corporate professional to the freelance artist, this guidebook clarifies a fundamental Chinese philosophical platform and methodology that can allow you to thrive in the country as well as within wherever life my take you.

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