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Dao De Jing: The Classic on the Dao and its Power

by Edric Machi

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A modern rendition of an ancient and profound wisdom. For thousands of years the Dao De Jing has baffled readers around the world with its strange paradoxes and unique insights. While seemingly foreign and obscure at first glance, you are probably a lot more familiar with the Dao De Jing than you think. Sayings like "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and concepts such as "Yin-Yang" and "leading from behind" directly originate from the Dao De Jing. But this is only a small fraction of the wisdom the full text has to offer. Read it and you'll quickly see what makes the Dao De Jing so captivating. In fact, the Dao De Jing is the second most translated book of all time, making it an indispensable masterpiece of world literature.

As the author of this translation, I believe my duty is only to help guide the reader to the original text and ideas. That way, each reader can decide for themselves what each passage, and the entire book, means to them. To that end, the format of this translation is simple yet clear and prioritizes faithfulness to the original words and ideas.

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