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The Multimillion Dollar Business Card: The best technique ever created to become the undeniable authority in your field and massively increase quality new patients & referrals.

by Ross Carter

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THE MULTIMILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS CARD lays bare the realities of modern-day medical services marketing. In an intriguing blend of relevant marketing expertise, this book provides a way out of the challenges faced by medical practitioners in America and the rest of the world while marketing their practice. Due to the immense competition in practice, conventional marketing methods including TV, radio, newspaper, the internet, and the once highly respected business cards no longer cut it in the market. Individuals have literally built immunity to persuasion through any type of marketing media and your patients raise their guard immediately they sense promotional content. This book presents a unique way of attracting their attention without being detected by the ?they just want to sell me something? radar. THE MULTIMILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS CARD candidly guides a medical practitioner on how to use a book to distinguish himself from the competition. While many other forms of marketing are also written, this book shows you the importance of putting your words in a book, one of the things our society still values. Few people would dispose of a book easily, no matter its content. You can use this respect for books to reach out to your patients. Writing a book massively enhances your respect, authority, and credibility in your profession. You are viewed as knowledgeable and confident in what you do, which makes your patients confident when referring their friends and family. A book also provides a better way to explain technical information pertaining your products and services in a gentler and more welcoming manner than brochures do. In fifteen short chapters, the reader is captivated by clever marketing tips and tactics for the 21st-century medical practitioner. THE MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS CARD is written by a practicing doctor with more than two decades of experience and it's a definite gateway to successful medical services promotion and brand building. Business cards are the past, and business books are the present and future.

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