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History Channel: Battle For the Pacific - PC

by Activision

Part Number: 35443.472.us

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  • Developed with The History Channel
  • Play through the eyes of an American GI
  • Authentic WWII missions and weapons
  • Cinematic war experience
  • Play online as an American or Japanese soldier
Product Description

Relive history's most unforgiving battlefields!Product InformationThe History Channel takes you to the Battle for the Pacific where you willexperience history brought to life in one of the defining campaigns of World WarII.  Relive epic land battles fought on some of the most brutal andunforgiving battlefields in recorded history.  Retake strategicallyimportant locations throughout the Pacific Theatre that are vital to the allieson the Road to Tokyo.Play through the eyes of an American GI as you experience intense no holdsbarred action against an opponent for which surrender isn't an option! Fire authentic allied and axis weaponry including sub-machine guns sniperrifles anti-aircraft guns pistols and grenades Relive History - each levelbegins with a documentary video featuring actual battle footage key facts andstatistics and the importance that the battle ultimately played in the alliedvictory.Fight from Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima as you experience savage battles against anenemy for which surrender isn't an option! Product Features Authentically modeled WWII weapons Actual battlegrounds including Guadalcanal The Philippines Iwo Jima and more Heart-pounding missions that changed the face of the globe Fight from Henderson Field in Guadalcanal through the Philippines to Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. Experience some of the most exotic and forbidden battlefields including dense jungles and barren volcanic islands. Face the harsh realities of war as you engage the enemy on the frontlines. Fight alongside squadron members reacting to the events of the battlefield where fighting is often hand to hand and your objective is simple - defeat the enemy at all costs. Based on actual battles including storming the beaches in an amphibious assault recapturing a strategic airfield defending against an enemy assault going on a search and destroy mission fighting through fortified caves and scaling Mount Suribachi to plant the American

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Publisher Activision
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Brand Activision
Manufacturer Activision
Manufacturer Part Number 35443.472.us
Part Number 35443.472.us
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Package Dimensions 7.6 x 5.2 x 1.3 inches. Weight: 0.15 pounds
Language(s) English (Unknown)
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