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Bedtime Stories for Kids: Meditations Stories for Kids, Children and Toddlers with Unicorns. Help Your Children Asleep. Go to Sleep Feeling Calm and Learn Mindfulness. Aesop's Fables. Book 3

by Mamalla Noble

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Product Description

Unicorn stories all for your kids

Do your kids like to hear stories before sleep?

These short bedtime stories for kids are sure to please your little one as they drift off into pleasant dreams.

What better way to teach morals than through magical and meditational short stories which entwine the message within the limitations of the tale?

Leave a lasting impression and share a special moment with your child through a storytelling experience they will treasure forever.

Meditation is a beautiful gift we can give to our children, helping to empower themselves during times of stress and fatigue.

Using these meditations with children is not the same as reading stories to them. Reading is passive.

Children do understand and become involved in what you are reading, but in guided meditation, they become actively involved.

Reading a story and reading a meditation are different functions, but both are very great in the development of the child's mental health.

Reading stories to children is a must because it helps the child to learn and spell, but meditation enables the mind to become free to explore.

Each meditation has its own distinctive theme and gives children the opportunity to experience it.

They feel loved; radiate loving kindness; climb mountains; collect seashells; become a bird; feel the touch of the wind on their face; and go to the moon.

There are so many things they can do, and all these things must bring their imagination to the fore. Most importantly, they learn to appreciate life more.

In other words, they participate in the meditation and learn to be in touch with the source of love, strength, and wisdom inside themselves.

Unicorns are mythical creatures that resemble white horses, except for a spiraling horn that juts out from their forehead.

A great deal of lore surrounds unicorns; in some myths, the horn cures diseases or protects people from poison.

Reading stories about unicorns encourages children to use their imagination and envision worlds where similar enchanted creatures exist.

Because they're such cool magical creatures.

This generous collection of guided unicorns and meditation stories will help children to utilize magic and spiritual alchemy to heal their lives, obtain greater abundance, and achieve greater levels of well-being and peace.

This list of mindfulness stories is suitable for children aged 5-16 years old. It is a fantasy guided meditation/visualization for deep relaxation.

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Main Category Audible Audiobook
Group Audible
Publisher Mamalla Noble
Studio Mamalla Noble
Manufacturer Mamalla Noble
Publisher(s) Mamalla Noble
Narrator(s) Joana Garcia
Language(s) English (Published)
English (Original Language)
Running Time 249 minutes
Adult Product? No


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