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Make Things Happen in 25 Talks!: Actionable Tools and Prayers to Maximize Time

by Tricy Cheloni

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Are you tired of being too busy? You need a vision and the power to step back to try a totally new approach.

There is more to a well-balanced life than just good ideas. You know the answer is not in technique alone.

You are not a machine!  Things have to happen inside your mind and soul before they can get done. You need to BE before you DO.

In this book, you'll learn: 
-  A fresh new perspective about Time so you won't feel enslaved by it anymore

-  To move from a mere productivity mindset ? geared to get things done ? to Make Things Happen

- How to create a liberating ?enjoy life mindset?

- Clarity to understand what is preventing you from having the best out of your time

- Why multi-tasking is a problem and how to fight it

- How to deal with the Number 1 Time Stealer

- To unlock the power of prayer to make things happen in the use of your time

- The power of mindfulness and how to achieve it

-  Bonus: A companion book with practical tools to help you get started maximizing your time.

Truth is, you need supernatural skills to meet all the demands of post-modern life. Besides, the way you view and live time has emotional strings to it so that techniques won?t be enough.

Make Things Happen in 25 talks brings practical ideas to improve your time. But it goes beyond that. It opens up amazing possibilities for inner changes and new perspectives as you connect to the Creator of time. The results are life changing!

Just think for a moment: How nice it would be to have a productive and busy life and still have the time to enjoy what you like most? You can be in charge of your time again. It is possible to manage your stress and see things flow in a better direction.

This book isn?t only for Christians, but anyone who believes in a Creator, a Super Natural power beyond us. You may be a busy parent, a business person, a professional, a student or a blogger, but if you are pressed for time and feeling overwhelmed by the direction your life is going, you can find some actionable tools here.

Because we understand how busy life gets, this book is intended to be short and to the point. Yes, you?ll be able to finish it in 30 minutes if you want. But I believe you?ll have greater results if you use it as a workbook, taking the time to implement the ideas presented. Pick it up and read it in snippets, a few minutes at a time. You can also get back to it as a reference when in need of a specific Talk as situations arise.

My hope is that through this book you may find the power to live well as a human being not just a human doer. Once that happens, creativity, productivity, balance and many other things will follow. Naturally.

Go ahead. Get your book now. Say goodbye to that overworked and overwhelmed feeling.

See how Make Things Happen in 25 Talks can Maximize your Time!

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