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Feenin' for A Real One 3

by Tina J

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Cason and Ingrid were finally getting what they wanted the most; a baby. However, their happiness doesn?t last long with so many people trying to destroy them. Odessa comes up with a plan to get her man and help Roger get Ingrid back. But when it backfires, where does that leave the two of them?

Marsha comes around and gives Cason devastating news that could cost him his daughter. He lashes out on everyone around, causing the one who loves him to question if staying together is worth it.

Pierce found out what Rebel?s job is and couldn?t handle what he walked in on. However, a witness puts him there at the time of the shooting and it lands him in jail, which is the last place anyone wants to be.

Shayla, left her daughter to follow behind a man who she finds out is using her for more than just a job. Still, she goes on the hunt for Pierce to finish what she started, but things don?t work out in her favor. The time will come to make a decision to either save her life or someone else close to her.

The secrets and lies continue to come out, and only a few will be left standing. Find out who in the finale of Feenin For A Real One.

Amazon Sales Rank 27,312
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Publisher Leo Sullivan Presents
Studio Leo Sullivan Presents
Manufacturer Leo Sullivan Presents
Language(s) English (Published)
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