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Hacking with Linux: Underground Beginners Tools to Learn the Basics of CyberSecurity and Become a Hacker by Breaking into Every Operating System with ... Administration + Beginners Guide to Shell)

by Darwin Growth

ISBN: 9781703354522 / 1703354524

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Product Description

If You Are Looking for an Efficient, Simple, and Clear Guide to Learn the Basics of Hacking and Use Linux to Control Every Computer, Then Keep Reading…

Linux is the best operating system for both programmers and hackers. As a hacker, one needs to understand basic Linux commands and the correct use of Kali Linux in order to become an expert in all the underground computer techniques.

Hacking with Linux is not only interesting, but it is one of the best ways to understand this world. Hacking computer systems has become commonplace today and its ethical use is fundamental to control all the internet environment.

Understand how attackers have access to your system, learn how to protect your computer, and gain control of other devices are only a small part of what is now the incredible hacking world.

Learn the hacking skills requires time. However, everything if possible with the correct guide and a lot of useful information. If you are ready to learn how to hack with Linux, then this book is your best bet. 

This book introduces you to Linux hacking as a basic and complex concept. As you proceed, you shall get an accurate and clear explanation of every aspect that surrounds hacking with Linux.

You will learn:

  • The key concepts of Linux
  • How to get started with hacking 
  • What is Bash and Python scripting
  • How to hack on the web
  • Ethical and unethical parts of hacking
  • The hierarchy of hackers
  • How to prevent cyber-attacks and malwares
  • Cyber-security and cryptography
  • The dark web and network exploitation
  • All the hidden secrets of underground hacking
  • And much more

Even if you have never heard of hacking before, you’ll find useful information to get started and understand this world on a deeper level.

As you reach the end of the book, you shall have a clearer picture of how the working environment works. The book has clear, simple explanations that can be easy to understand and thus, your journey towards learning how to hack shall be simplified. 

Learn the principles behind hacking with Linux and develop your abilities in networking, scripting, and testing!

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ISBN 13 978-17-03354-52-2
ISBN 10 1-703-35452-4
ASIN 1703354524
  • 9781703354522
Amazon Sales Rank 1,048,521
Main Category Paperback
Group Book
Publisher Independently published
Studio Independently published
Manufacturer Independently published
Dimensions 6 x 0.26 x 9 inches.
Package Dimensions 9 x 6 x 0.26 inches. 0.5 pounds
Language(s) English (Published)
English (Original Language)
English (Unknown)
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