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A beginners guide to Kali Linux: The step by step guide for beginners to install and learn the essentials hacking command line. Learning all the basic of kali Linux and how to use it for hacking.

by Michael Smith

ISBN: 9781693656910 / 1693656914

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Product Description

Kali Linux

The truth is: Kali Linux is an open-source project which is maintained and funded by Offensive Security. It provides state-of-the-art information security training and penetration testing services.

Do you want to know more about Kali Linux? Do you want to increase your knowledge about Kali Linux? Read On... It is a Debian-based Linux distribution which aims at advanced penetration Testing and Security Auditing. There are various tools in Kali which look after information security tasks like Security Research, Computer Forensics, Penetration Testing and Reverse Engineering.

Released on 13th March, 2013, it is a comprehensive rebuild of the BackTrack Linux, maintaining the Debian development standards. Kali Linux includes more than 600 penetration testing tools. There were many tools in backtrack which needed a review as some of them did not work whereas the others were a duplicate of the tools having similar functions.

The tools are completely free of charge and all the source code going into Kali Linux is available for everyone who wants to customize the packages to suit their specific needs. Kali also adheres to the File system Hierarchy Standard allowing the Linux users in easy location of binaries, supporting the libraries and the files etc.

DOWNLOAD: A Beginner’s Guide to Kali Linux, The step by Step Guide for Beginners to Install and Learn the Essentials Hacking Command Line. Learning All the Basic of Kali Linux and How to Use It For Hacking.

The goal of the eBook is simple: The eBook helps in knowing more about Kali Linux. Most of the penetration tools are written in English but Kali includes a multilingual approach. This makes it accessible to a greater number of users who can operate it in their own language. They can also locate the tools which are needed for their job.

The kernels can also be customized. The penetration testers often have the requirement of doing wireless assessments. So, the kernel has the latest injection patches so that they can be patched for injection. Every package is also signed by the individual developers who have built and committed it.

You Will Also Learn:

  • The basic of Kali Linux
  • Step by step guide on how to install and download
  • Uses and applications of Kali Linux
  • List of all uses with applications
  • How scanning of devices in a network works
  • Learning the essential hacking command line
  • How Linux commands can be used in hacking
  1. Use 1
  2.  Examples of uses
  • Customizing Kali Linux

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ISBN 10 1-693-65691-4
ASIN 1693656914
  • 9781693656910
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