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Tribe of Hackers Blue Team: Tribal Knowledge from the best in Defensive Cybersecurity

by Marcus J. Carey, Jennifer Jin

ISBN: 9781119643418 / 1119643414

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Product Description

"Tribe of Hackers" is a collection of insights from dozens of the world's top security experts. InĀ "Tribe of Hackers: Blue Team" these experts address questions that hands-on security experts and security managers will make for their "blue team" exercises around:

  • Defending against physical and technical penetration testing
  • How to get started and build blue team skills
  • Understanding the adversary and techniques advanced red teamers use against high value targets
  • What are the most important tools to master as a blue teamer
  • How to harden systems against red team attacks
  • And much more

ISBN 13 978-11-19643-41-8
ISBN 10 1-119-64341-4
ASIN 1119643414
  • 9781119643418
Amazon Sales Rank 461,307
Main Category Paperback
Group Book
Publisher Wiley
Studio Wiley
Manufacturer Wiley
Package Dimensions 1.47 pounds
Language(s) English (Published)
English (Unknown)
Adult Product? No


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