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WHY IS A COLONEL CALLED A ?KERNAL?? The Origin of American Ranks and Insignia

by Raymond Oliver

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?Short. Quick. Entertaining. A marvelously fun read!?

Raymond Oliver, then the Curator for the McClellan Aviation Museum (now the Aerospace Museum of California), was once asked by a colonel why her title was pronounced ?kernal? and where her eagle insignia originated? That simple question began a quest to trace the development of various categories of rank. What began as a paper, however, soon developed into a booklet, which eventually wound up as this book.

Have you ever asked yourself questions like:

Why is Colonel pronounced ?kernal??
Why does a Lieutenant General outrank a Major General?
Why is Navy Captain a higher rank than Army-Air Force-Marine Captain?
Why do Sergeants wear chevrons?

If you are in the military, this book will give you a deeper appreciation for your rank and insignia?and you might find yourself wearing it with even more pride.

If you have not been in the service, or are a family member of one who is, this book might help to put an historical perspective on the often confusing layers of rank.

Either way: military, ex-military, soon-to-be military, friend or family... it?s a delight!

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