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ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual or How to Prepare for and Pass the Industrial Security Professional Certification Exam

by Jeffrey W. Bennett

ISBN: 0981620604 / 9780981620602

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Product Description

Updates with information from NISPOM Incorporating Change 2, May 18, 2016 
Red Bike Publishing's Unofficial Study Guide gives you insight into test taking and has four 110 question length certification practice exams. 
This book is designed to give practice questions to those who are eligible to take the certifications such as the Industrial Security Professional (ISP) and Security Professional Education Development (SPeD) certifications.  
We developed this book with the understanding that it will assist with certification exam studies, but should not to be used as a standalone product. Our intention is to compliment career experience and NISPOM guidance.  
This book is meant to compliment the federal regulations and executive orders bringing about the National Industrial Security Program. It is also designed to help the reader draw from experience and suggests ways to study for and take certification exams. Those who are new to the field can use this as a study guide. However, in all cases this is not a guaranteed single source option for passing the exam. The author's intent is to present practice questions to prepare you for the test experience and not to suggest actual questions that may be found in any certification exam. We do not know what those questions may be. 
We have made every effort to make this manual as accurate and complete as possible. It has been written by an ISP and SPeD certified author and has been reviewed and edited by some of the most experienced Facility Security Officers and ISP's in the business. 
Sample Questions: 
1. Contractors must obtain _____ approval before installing Intrusion Detection Systems. 
a. CSS 
b. CSA 
c. GCA 
d. GSA 
e. DIA 
2. Some categories for IS can be protected with _____ controls : 
a. Additional 
b. Compensating 
c. Prescribed 
d. Protective 
e. Special 
3. Open bin storage is not allowed for _____: 
e. A and b 
The security industry is booming and defense industry security specialists are benefiting. Departments of Defense, Department of Energy, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Central Intelligence Agency and many other Federal and supporting contractors are in great need of experienced and qualified security specialists, managers and Facility Security Officers. As the industry becomes more demanding and positions more competitive, today's security specialists need to be on top of their game. 
This may be helpful as a supplement to certification studies. At the very least, it can prepare professionals better protect classified information under their care. We believe the certification process is just a stepping stone and not an end to a means. In fact, it's just part of a plan to help you become more influential. Being technically proficient is great, but building influence and commanding respect is more important. This book will help you make the move from being an administrator to becoming the "go to" security manager. 
The opening chapters demonstrate the importance of building networks, getting professional and academic education, and finding mentors. Credibility is key to influence and learning from others in the industry helps you build confidence in your decisions and capabilities. We also provide ideas for those of you who perform very few of the security functions identified in NISPOM. Our helpful hints increase experience and confidence and provide ideas for hands on training. You can also join our newsletter for updates, security awareness ideas, and NISPOM topics. For up to date ideas, visit our blog dodsecurity.blogspot.com.

ASIN 0981620604
  • 9780981620602
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