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Keyboard COVER Compatible Logitech K800 - Part# 597G107 - Protects from Mold, Spills, Dirt, Grease, Food, and Bacteria - Easy to Clean and Disinfect.

by VisiFlex

Part Number: K800

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  • PROTECTS YOUR KEYBOARD FROM REGULAR USE. Keeps your keyboard clean from liquid spills,food, dust, oil/grease, sand, moisture, pet hair, pathogens, and viruses and prevents bacteria from growing between and under the keys.
  • KEEPS GERMS ON THE SURFACE. Keeps germs and dirt on the surface of your computer where it can be easily cleaned and disinfected
  • ZERO LATEX - No need to worry about allergies, because these covers have no latex
  • EASY TO DISINFECT. Simply wipe down the keyboard with a germicide wipe of your choice. Reduces the hassle of having to clean between keys, or removing keys to clean beneath them.
  • EASY TO USE. Adheres quickly and easily to the keyboard using double sided adhesive tape. The snug fit makes cleaning a breeze, as the keyboard can be cleaned without removing the cover. For a slightly tighter fit, use a blow drier approximately 8" from the cover after attached on the lowest setting for roughly one minute
Product Description

NOT A KEYBOARD. Our keyboard covers protect while you type, providing continuous protection around the clock. Proven in thousands of homes, hospitals, work places and wherever computers are used. Our Keyboard covers helps protect from spills, harmful germs, bacteria, and mold that may otherwise grow/spread in your keyboard. Care and Troubleshooting: If one of the keys is depressed upon arrival gently push the depression, causing it to pop back to it's original state. Three ways to put cover on: - Loose : just put the cover on top of the keyboard and let it get in position - Tight : Pull the white stickers after putting the cover properly on the keyboard - Maximum Tightness: Use hair drier on lowest setting and slowly blow on to the cover after properly putting on the cover first - Can easily be washed daily. - Made from a very flexible, durable polyurethane material. - Matte finish leaves the keyboard markings clearly visible while reducing glare.

ASIN B005RZ8104
  • 0736846869364
  • 736846869364
Main Category Personal Computers
Group PC Accessory
Publisher VisiFlex
Studio VisiFlex
Brand VisiFlex
Manufacturer VisiFlex
Manufacturer Part Number K800
Part Number K800
Package Quantity 1
Package Dimensions 8.1 x 4.5 x 2.3 inches. 0.05 pounds
Adult Product? No

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