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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Decision Makers: A Growth Hacker's Guide to Cutting Edge Technologies (English Edition)

by Dr. Jagreet Kaur, Navdeep Singh Gill

ISBN: 9789389328684 / 9389328683

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Product Description

Learn modern-day technologies from modern-day technical giants

Key Features

  • Real-world success and failure stories of artificial intelligence explained
  • Understand concepts of artificial intelligence and deep learning methods
  • Learn how to use artificial intelligence and deep learning methods
  • Know how to prepare dataset and implement models using industry leading Python packages
  • You’ll be able to apply and analyze the results produced by the models for prediction

  • Description
    The aim of this book is to help the readers understand the concept of artificial intelligence and deep learning methods and implement them into their businesses and organizations. The first two chapters describe the introduction of the artificial intelligence and deep learning methods. In the first chapter, the concept of human thinking process, starting from the biochemical responses within the structure of neurons to the problem-solving steps through computational thinking skills are discussed.
    All chapters after the first two should be considered as the study of different technological and Artificial Intelligence giants of current age. These chapters are placed in a way that each chapter could be considered a separate study of a separate company, which includes the achievements of intelligent services currently provided by the company, discussion on the business model of the company towards the use of the deep learning technologies, the advancement of the web services which are incorporated with intelligent capability introduced by company, the efforts of the company in contributing to the development of the artificial intelligence and deep learning research.

    What will you learn
    How to use the algorithms written in the Python programming language to design models and perform predictions in general datasetsUnderstand use cases in different industries related to the implementation of artificial intelligence and deep learning methodsLearn the use of potential ideas in artificial intelligence and deep learning methods to improve the operational processes or new products and how services can be produced based on the methods

    Who this book is for
    This book is targeted to business and organization leaders, technology enthusiasts, professionals, and managers who seek knowledge of artificial intelligence and deep learning methods.

    Table of Contents
    1. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
    2. Data Science for Business Analysis
    3. Decision Making
    4. Intelligent Computing Strategies By Google
    5. Cognitive Learning Services in IBM Watson
    6. Advancement web services by Baidu
    7. Improved Social Business by Facebook
    8. Personalized Intelligent Computing by Apple
    9.Cloud Computing Intelligent by Microsoft

    About the Authors
    Dr. Jagreet Kaur is a doctorate in computer science and engineering. Her topic of thesis was “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED ANALYTICAL PLATFORM FOR PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS IN HEALTH CARE.” With more than 12 years of experience in academics and research, she is working in data wrangling, machine learning and deeplearning algorithms on large datasets, real-time data often in production environments for data science solutions and data products to get actionable insights for the last four years.

    Navdeep Singh Gill is a technology and solution architect having more than 15 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industry. For the past six years, he is working in big data analytics, automation and advanced analytics using machine learning and deep learning for planning and architecting of data science solutions and data products.

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