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Large:2 oz Compressor Oil, Flourescent UV Dye Syringe Injector Charger, Screw-in Type Reuse Reload HVAC Automotive AC Air Conditioning Service Tool


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  • Push-in Type Compressor oil flurescent dye injector for HVAC Compressor services
  • reloadable and reusable, remove cap to load oil and twist to push content in AC system.
  • Add flourescent dye if you wish for leak checking. No working compressor needed to do the job
  • Professional service tool. Scale on the side, 1/4 fitting for standard AC port
  • Alternative for YellowJacket or other brand names for a quality tool at the better prices.
Product Description

You are looking at a brand new Large 2 oz Oil and/or Fluorescent Dye Injection Syringe/Injector/Charger, for AC/HVAC/R Services FEATURES: 2 oz capacity; Good for compressor oil or fluorescent dye; One shot may be it all takes to cure and save a sickened compressor caused by low oil; Compatible with fluorescent dyes for leak monitoring, too Compatible with all oil types(POE, or mineral oil) Compatible with all refrigerant types; Screw-in type, or push-in type, does NOT require a working compressor to get the injection power Re-loadable, re-usable, keep it in tool box for decades to come. Aluminum alloy body, with brass connector on a piece of high pressure hose 1/4" female connector, make it compatible with most AC systems(use CV23p for 5/16" R410a systems). 45 degree turn at the connection, easy to access port. 5 inch flexible high pressure hose. Hand operated(Screw-down), NOT in-line injector, do not need other power. In stock and ready to ship.

  • 0700580811071
  • 700580811071
Amazon Sales Rank 1,420,766
Group Home Improvement
Publisher VIOT
Studio VIOT
Brand VIOT
Manufacturer VIOT
Dimensions 14 x 3 x 3 inches. 2 pounds
Adult Product? No


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