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Walther and the Predestination Controversy: The Error of Modern Missouri

by George Henry Schodde, Lutheran Librarian

ISBN: 9781696963985 / 1696963982

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Towards the end of his life, C. F. W. Walther brought forward a teaching of election which many Missouri and other American Lutherans could not reconcile with the Scriptures or the Lutheran Confessions. This “Predestination Controversy” split the Lutheran Church.

The rise of the “Synodical Conference” under the leadership of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has made Universal Objective Justification (UOJ) the Shibboleth (See Judges 12:6) of Confessional Lutheranism in America. Closely linked with UOJ is the doctrine of election.

From the book:

“Since the publication of the Formula of Concord, for some 300 years, the Lutheran Church has unanimously held that the doctrine of our Confession and of the following teachers of our Church harmonized perfectly also in the article of predestination. Modern Missourians are the first”Lutherans" who assert the contrary; it is to be hoped that they will also be the last."

“Any doctrine that cannot be”rhymed" with the doctrine of justification, bears on its face the brand of apostasy from the one revealed truth and stands disclosed as a false interpretation of Scripture. For this article of justification is “the chief topic of Christian doctrine, which, understood aright, illumines and magnifies the honor of Christ (which is of especial service for the clear, correct understanding of the entire Holy Scriptures, and alone shows the way to the unspeakable treasure and right knowledge of Christ and alone opens the door to the entire Bible.”

“If this article is apprehended and kept with a sure and firm faith, the other articles will gradually follow. For in the same all articles of our faith are comprehended; if that is kept pure, the others are taken good care of.” (Luther.)

“This article is, as it were, the fortress and chief bulwark of the whole Christian doctrine and religion. If this article remains inviolate, the perversions of the other articles will cease of themselves.” (Chemnitz.)

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