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The Lotus Bride: A True Story of Young Love Romance and a Death-Defying Escape From Vietnam

by Alicia Tho Brown

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Based on a true story and set against the backdrop of a family wedding that seems to be hurtling toward a runaway bride ending. The Lotus Bride takes us on the inspirational journey of Tho, a determined and resilient Vietnamese refugee who risked everything to live the life she envisioned for herself and her two sons. After a childhood of hand-to-mouth existence, made worse by physical and emotional abuse, in an era marked by the ravages of the ‘American War,’ young Tho realizes her dream of a healthy and peaceful life in the United States. Now rechristened ‘Alicia” to symbolize her new beginning, and in a place of happiness beyond her most fervent expectations, she arrives for the weekend of her son Vinh’s wedding to find the bride-to-be, Julia, battling a severe case of cold feet amidst a reunion with an old boyfriend. Alicia and Julia establish a psychic connection as Alicia - trusting her instincts to believe in Julia’s genuine love for Vinh - recounts her story of young love, a tempestuous fight for independence, and surviving first a death-defying escape from Vietnam and later unspeakable domestic violence by her drug-addict husband. The women's strangely parallel emotional journey brings Julia to face her deepest fears, but any answers to be discovered in Alicia’s often harrowing tale may not come in time to rescue the man they both love from unbearable heartache.

The Lotus Bride serves as a timely reminder that, with the combined forces of hope, determination, and love, possibility can become reality.

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