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Tao te Ching - The Poetry of Nature

by Kari Hohne

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Discover the peacefulness of moving through life inspired by the power and purposefulness of nature. This beautiful interpretation of the Tao te Ching presents timeless wisdom that captures its original poetic style. Drawing from the many ancient sages of ancient China, it combines the ideas of Meng Tzu, Lao Tzu and Kung Fu Tzu. Celebrating what is timeless and valuable about existence, the second section of this book includes a collection of ancient Taoist poetry. "When you lose your place in the world, you need only return to stillness. Through stillness, you return to the Way." Just as the seed sheds its protective covering before becoming a great oak, experience peels away the layers that keep you from actualizing your destiny.

"{the author} takes the work back to the original, lets go of her own agenda, and writes English with a vocabulary rooted in the heart - that is the way of the Tao and the best translations also. She is right up there with Ursula K. Le Guin, Arthur Waley, Stephen Mitchell, and Ellen M. Chen."

ASIN B005II6422
Amazon Sales Rank 1,107,762
Main Category Kindle Edition
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Publisher Way of Tao Books
Studio Way of Tao Books
Manufacturer Way of Tao Books
Language(s) English (Published)
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