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Hacking With Kali Linux: Advanced Guide on Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing with Kali. Practical Approach with Tools to Understand in Detail Cybersecurity and Computer Hacking with Examples

by Raymond Deep

ISBN: 9781708154301 / 1708154302

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Product Description

If you want to lean advanced ethical hacking and penetration testing concepts, then keep reading…

Does the concept of ethical hacking fascinate you?

Do you know what penetration testing means?

Do you want to learn about ethical hacking and penetration testing?

Do you want to learn all this, but aren’t sure where to begin?

If YES, then this is the perfect book for you!

Welcome to the advanced guide on ethical hacking and penetration testing with Kali Linux guide. Ethical Hacking is essentially the art of protecting a system and its resources and what you will be going through in this book is the techniques, tactics and strategies which will help you understand and execute ethical hacking in a controlled environment as well as the real world. You will also be learning about Kali Linux which the choice of an operating system that is preferred by ethical hackers all over the world. You will also get exposure to tools that are a part of Kali Linux and how you can combine this operating system and its tools with the Raspberry Pi to turn into a complete toolkit for ethical hacking. You will be getting your hands dirty with all these tools and will be using the tools practically to understand how ethical hackers and security admins work together in an organization to make their systems attack proof.

As an ethical hacker, hacking tools are your priority and we will be covering tools such as NMap and Proxychains which are readily available in the Kali Linux setup. These two tools together will help us setup a system wherein we will target another system and not allow the target system to understand the source IP from where the attack is originating. We will write some basic scripts and automate those scripts to attack on a network at regular intervals to fetch us data describing the vulnerabilities of that network such as open ports, DNS server details. We will also be working with techniques and strategies for Web Application Firewall testing. This will include topics such as Cross Site Scripting and SQL injections.

Then comes Social Engineering. This focuses more on the technical aspect of gathering information which will help us to prepare for an attack and not social engineering concerned with making fraudulent phone calls or pretending to be a person to get the password from an individual.

We will also talk about Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and how it is important in the domain of ethical hacking. We will discuss how virtual private networks are used by employees of an organization to protect their connection to their corporate network from attackers who might try to steal their data by using man in the middle attacks.

We will also understand cryptography in brief and how it plays a role in hacking operations. How various cryptography puzzles can train an ethical hacker to improve their thought process and help them in the technical aspects of hacking.

In this book, you will learn about:

  • Various hacking tools,

  • Writing and automating scripts,

  • Techniques used for firewall testing,

  • Basics of social engineering,

  • Virtual private networks,

  • Cryptography and its role in hacking, and much more!

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ISBN 13 978-17-08154-30-1
ISBN 10 1-708-15430-2
ASIN 1708154302
  • 9781708154301
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