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The College Survival Guide for Teens with Food Allergies (Morgan's Corner Book Series 1)

by Morgan Smith

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Product Description

College. It’s the big step forward. It’s something your parents have been freaking out about since they found out you have food allergies. College marks when you begin to become truly independent: you’re living without your parents, eating in dining halls or kitchens with your own food, and you have to start to make a lot of your own decisions about the lifestyle you want to lead.

This guide covers the preparation work, the social scene (including friends, parties, alcohol, and everything in between), and the day-to-day of college life. Each section is going to include stories and tips and other need-to-know information about surviving college with food allergies.

Amazon Sales Rank 1,763,583
Released 11/28/2017
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Language(s) English (Published)
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