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Faces in the Crowd: The daily sketchbook of an out and about illustrator

by Jason Williams

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Product Description

Jason Williams creates Awesome sketches in the pages to follow. These are not just your average sketches, oh no. These are people...people with faces...and that thought alone will intimidate many artists. Capturing the essence of a person in motion is one of the most difficult things an artist can attempt. As an animator, it?s one of the first things we learn, and fail trying, over and over again. Drawing from life, while life is moving, takes skill and dedication like no other. In these pages, Jason has put together a collection of characters that are real, working, living, and getting coffee. You are going to see little snapshots of people?s lives, and the life going on around them, through the keen eye of an artist and his trusty sketchbook.
You see, artists don?t just get good one day. It takes many, many years of hard work and honing of their craft. Jason is one of the best at this, and I?m delighted that everyone flipping through the following pages will get to see his hard work. I?m warning you though, he makes it look easy.

Amazon Sales Rank 1,939,186
Main Category Kindle Edition
Group eBooks
Illustrator(s) Jason Williams
Editor(s) Meredith McClure
Language(s) English (Published)
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