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Gods, Covenants, Constitutions and Some Zero Sum Games (Essays, Articles and Thought Experimentations Book 0)

by Desiree Lourens

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Let us accept the premise that essence and existence are two sides of the same coin. They?re twins, equal and necessary for consciousness of being, similar to the relationship between the self-consciousness of the citizen and the existence of the state.
Within the domain of the conceptual parameters of the western world, we have become increasingly aware of political and existential intersections and horizons. It seems the center of gravity of global political cohesiveness or perhaps sameness, has lost power and therefore control over the democratic processes which have self-evidently, over the course of time become institutionalized and it is fair to say ?the center cannot hold?.
We've seen control and manipulation from the extremes ? the extremes of the dichotomy of democratic thought within the west, and an onslaught against its value system and beliefs, in the form of acts of terror or the animosity and ill-will that accompanies the historic past of the west such as colonialism and enforced religious dogmas.
Further it is worth acknowledging a simple fact: for a sizable number of people on this planet within the dynamics of the current western mainframe, political engagement and political processes, political reporting and political personalities and political posturing and political grandstanding and political bullying and all direct and oblique threads and streams of consciousness relating to the political sphere have the appeal of a plate of vomit served up hot, steaming and stinking.
The demise of Miramax ? a power house in the film production industry ? and the consequent explosion of all connotations relating to and of open secrets exposes a level of rot no sane person would want to examine in depth, for such stuff ? it is self-evident ? is extremely hazardous to the soul.
Further it is obvious that the unit of value of the species ?Homo sapiens? is the individual human being. Clearly perpetuation of the species is enabled with an additional individual of the opposite sex, but it is fundamentally important to acknowledge the stale nature of this argument since there is a well-documented issue regarding overpopulation. There is no need to keep spinning this yarn. We?re not going to become extinct any time soon, and besides the Big 5 will be wiped out long before our numbers drop below a billion. We should concern ourselves with the longevity and conservation of these animals instead.
I?ll be facetious and suggest the perpetuation of the species Homo sapiens is a capitalist plot to ensure a steady flow of ever- decreasing costs of labour and increasing productivity and profit for corporations and their shareholders. It?s a joke, just pulling your leg. I doubt even the most ruthless money-loving bugger among us would spare a thought to consider the why of this oft-repeated phrase despite the mounting evidence of human suffering and overpopulation.
Since the 1970s we've been transitioning from the industrial age and energy to the information age and data or information. We've adapted our organizational strategies and our preference is to network, we orientate ourselves socially through individuation and we?re creating cultures of autonomy (see: Castells, M. (2000b). The rise of the network society (2nd Ed) U.S.: Blackwell Publishing) we've reached the Me-centred society. Castells? findings suggest inter alia, an emerging dominant cultural trend characterized by the search for autonomy which ipso facto is ?moving toward a society of assertive individuals and cultural freedom?. The internet is the enabling vehicle for surmounting the ?barriers of rigid social organisations inherited from the Industrial Age?. Obviously we?re edging forward and perhaps at some future point not too far in the distance, it may be possible to rid our species of the rot that inevitably seems to always rise to the top of the pyramid to exert some form of tyranny or control over fellow beings.

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