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Violent Prayers to Pull Down Powers Troubling Your Marriage: Tearing Down All Satanic Strongholds Opposing Happiness In Marriage

by Samantha Smith

ISBN: 9781072767824 / 1072767821

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Product Description

Do you know one of the main targets for destruction by the DEVIL is a flourishing marriage? When a loophole is discovered in your marriage, you are giving room to the devil to cause havoc! Listen Carefully, Having a caring/life wife or husband doesn't exclude you from the unexpected storm in marriage! Treasure this: The Devil doesn’t look for a large hole when he is trying to destroy a marriage! All he needs is a loophole, and “BOOM,” the marriage hits the rock of DESTRUCTION…Despite our best aims, there will always be times when even the best marriage will undergo problems and issues. Instead of YOU running away or resisting to face these PREDICAMENTS, you should instead run to God, who can make things right.Furthermore, since the institution of marriage is God's product, it, therefore, makes perfect sense that the maker and designer of this great product be consulted when there’s a problem. God is the one who knows what is wrong with your marriage and how to fix it. The power of prayer cannot be over-emphasized. Prayer can repair any relationship or MARRIAGE , no matter the level of damage. It can bring you and your spouse together, no matter how sour your relationship!Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking a RELIABLE solution is the right answer to marriage issues. No matter how patient, kind, gentle, tolerant, or lovely you are in a marriage, if you don't pray, the devil can RUIN it!Prayer can mend any damaged bridge, clear any CONFUSION, straighten any heart, resolve any conflict, and heal any hurt. It can bring reconciliation to your marriage. All you NEED to do is tell it to God. Believe in his strength to answer your prayers, and remove any doubt from your heart (Mark 11:23). It doesn’t matter if your situation is that of a troubled RELATIONSHIP, a spouse who has left the marital home, infidelity, confusion, childlessness, breakdown in communication, or a marriage heading towards divorce. God wants and can heal your marriage. Nothing is impossible with God.Are you facing BARRENNESS in marriage? Is your marriage about to hit the rock? Is divorce the only available option for your marriage right now?Our Lord God that makes impossibilities possible; and He is ready to turn things around in your marriage! God will go to places we cannot, and do things that we can only dream of. Use these prayers as guidelines for how to pray for the resolution of all that circumstances that is troubling your marriage.When saying these prayers, back them up with the Word of God. Engage the power and potency of the Word against the power of the enemies (Hebrews 4:12).Personalize these prayers by replacing the parts of the prayers with your name and that of your spouse where applicable. Please, focus on God, who alone can heal and restore your marriage permanently. After making these prayers, believe that God has answered and consolidate your victory by thanking God for the changes you hope to see. Above all, thank Him for restoring your marriage!

ISBN 13 978-10-72767-82-4
ISBN 10 1-072-76782-1
ASIN 1072767821
  • 9781072767824
Amazon Sales Rank 1,843,858
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Dimensions 6 x 0.18 x 9 inches. 0.26 pounds
Package Dimensions 9 x 6 x 0.18 inches. 0.35 pounds
Language(s) English (Published)
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