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A Short Walk Around the Pyramids & Through the World of Art

by Philip M. Isaacson

ISBN: 0553535501 / 9780553535501

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For art lovers and novices, the perfect introduction to the world of art in all its varied forms.
What do you consider a work of art? Is it a painting, a photograph, a sculpture? Or can it be so much more? Philip Isaacson, the author of Round Buildings, Square Buildings & Buildings That Wiggle Like a Fish, explores the world of art and history and creates the perfect introduction for young readers to learn about the complex subject. With clear prose, Isaacson discusses abstract versus realism, the links between tribal art and modern sculpture, the use of color, and why some everyday objects and even cities can be considered art. A Common Core Appendix B Text Exemplar Selection, Philip M. Isaacson?s guide will inform as well as inspire. Includes full color photographs.

ASIN 0553535501
  • 9780553535501
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