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Historical Introductions to the Book of Concord

by Friedrich Bente

ISBN: 9781660014309 / 1660014301

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Product Description

This volume is an essential reference for understanding the Protestant Reformation and the shaping of the Lutheran Confessions. Sections include:

  1. The Book of Concord, or The Concordia.
  2. The Three Ecumenical or Universal Symbols.
  3. The Augsburg Confession.
  4. Melanchthon’s Alterations of the Augsburg Confession.
  5. The Pontifical Confutation of the Augsburg Confession.
  6. The Apology of the Augsburg Confession.
  7. Smalcald Articles and Tract concerning Power and Primacy of Pope.
  8. Luther’s Efforts at Restoring Catechetical Instruction.
  9. The Small and the Large Catechism of Luther.
  10. The Smalcald War and the Augsburg and Leipzig Interims.
  11. Controversies Following the Interim and Settled by the Formula of Concord.
  12. The Adiaphoristic Controversy.
  13. The Majoristic Controversy.
  14. The Synergistic Controversy.
  15. The Flacian Controversy.
  16. The Osiandrian and Stancarian Controversies.
  17. The Antinomistic Controversy.
  18. The Crypto-Calvinistic Controversy.
  19. Controversy on Christ’s Descent into Hell.
  20. The Eleventh Article of the Formula of Concord: On Predestination.
  21. Luther and Article XI of the Formula of Concord.
  22. Article XII of the Formula of Concord: Of Other Heretics and Sects.
  23. Origin, Subscription, Character, etc., of Formula of Concord.

Friedrich Bente (1858-1930) was educated at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and served pastorates in Humberstone and Jordan, Ontario, Canada. Bente was president of the Canadian District of the Missouri Synod. He edited Lehre und Wehre and co-edited the “Triglotta” translation of the Lutheran Confessions. He is famous for his masterful volume, Historical Introductions to the Book of Concord. [Source: christian dot net]

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ISBN 13 978-16-60014-30-9
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ASIN 1660014301
  • 9781660014309
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