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Bundle - 4 Items - Clipper Lighter "Cookies" Collection

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  • Refillable Fluid + Replaceable Flint = Unlimited Life Span
  • SAFE - Child Resistant Strike Wheel
  • Super Strong Nylon Material That Won't Crack or Explode Like Cheap Lighters
  • The Flint Arm Can Be Used as a Convenient Tobacco Packing Tool
Product Description

Product Description CLIPPER® is not just any lighter - it's unique, eco-friendly, multi-purpose device. CLIPPER® was the first original refillable lighter and has been made in Barcelona, Spain since 1972. It's unique round shape and the special functions have made it popular in over 80 countries and is the Worlds #1 selling lighter. CLIPPER® is a high tech quality lighter that comes in multiple designs for all kinds of enthusiasts. CLIPPER® Lighters are obviously used to light cigarettes and many other items but also can be used for: 1) Packing tobacco in your hand-rolled cigarettes with the patented removable flint system. 2) Can be used to pack the tobacco inside pipes. 3) Placed perfectly inside beer bottles to keep your bottle from getting mixed up. 4) Opening beer bottles. These are just the more popular things CLIPPER® lighters are used for, but your imagination is the limit. All over the world there are people with amazing CLIPPER® Lighter collections and everyday there are new collectors starting out due to the wide variety of designs that CLIPPER® has to offer. Start your collection today and join the rest of the world in "Clipper Mania"

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Main Category Misc.
Group Health and Beauty
Publisher Clipper
Studio Clipper
Manufacturer Clipper
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Part Number 1
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