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Slimming Naturegift Coffee Plus

by Nature Is Gift

Part Number: facial-care-products

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Product Description

If your one of thoese people who want to loose weight and have no time to work out then this is one product you must try. Why? This is one of the top selling brand for slimming coffee which helps you loose weight without worrying that you will end up in a fatigue mode. Plus you will have more energy & it will help your skin look younger. Instructions: Take a cup after every meal each day. 1st month you will start to get firm. 2-3 months you will start to drop 2-15 kgs depending on condition of the person. For pregnant & breastfeeding. Please do not take. This product is not advertise more than it is. Whatever is wriiten is what you get if you happen to have discipline in eating & you drink 3 times daily continuesly. Cream: 62%, Coffee - 25%, Oliver in a fructose (fiber) 10%, Vitamins and minerals 2.2%, Ginseng Extract 0.5%.

ASIN B007906YO0
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  • 8858755200013
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  • 885850426633
  • 885850426657
  • 885850426640
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Amazon Sales Rank 63,384
Main Category Health and Beauty
Group Health and Beauty
Publisher Naturegift
Studio Naturegift
Brand Nature Is Gift
Manufacturer Naturegift
Manufacturer Part Number facial-care-products
Part Number facial-care-products
Package Quantity 1
Package Dimensions 4.1 x 4.0 x 3.1 inches. 0.4 pounds
Adult Product? No

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