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History of My Life, Vols. 1-2

by Giacomo Chevalier de Seingalt Casanova

ISBN: 9780801856624 / 0801856620

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In volumes 1 and 2, Casanova tells the story of his family, his first loves, and his early travels. With the death of his grandmother, he is sent to a seminary?but is soon expelled. He is briefly imprisoned in the fortress of Sant' Andrea. After wandering from Naples to Rome in search of a patron, he enters the service of Cardinal Acquaviva.

About this edition: Because every previous edition of Casanova's Memoirs had been abridged to suppress the author's political and religious views and tame his vivid, often racy, style, the literary world considered it a major event when Willard R. Trask's translation of the complete original text was published in six double volumes between 1966 and 1971. Trask's award-winning translation now appears in paperback for the first time.

Amazon.com Review

This translation of Giacomo Casanova's epic memoir was first published in a multi-volume set more than 25 years ago, but this new paperback edition makes Casanova's story accessible to the general reader. Thankfully, the great Venetian adventurer's memoirs can finally be read as they were written, without the bowdlerizing that plagued them for two centuries. While Casanova is most notorious for his womanizing, his memoirs are also remarkable as they give a top-to-bottom view of European life in the 18th century. Johns Hopkins University Press has done a handsome job, packaging the entire story in six double volumes. And, in keeping with the spirit of the author, it's worth mentioning that a 17th-century painting of lounging nude woman spans across the spines of the set when they're arranged on the shelf.

ISBN 13 978-08-01856-62-4
ISBN 10 0-801-85662-0
ASIN 0801856620
  • 9780801856624
Amazon Sales Rank 606,117
Main Category Paperback
Group Book
Publisher Johns Hopkins University Press
Studio Johns Hopkins University Press
Manufacturer Johns Hopkins University Press
Package Quantity 1
Count Per Package 1
Dimensions 5.12 x 1.55 x 8.0 inches. 1.59 pounds
Package Dimensions 7.8 x 5.04 x 1.57 inches. 1.59 pounds
Translator(s) Willard R. Trask
Language(s) English (Published)
French (Original Language)
English (Unknown)
Adult Product? No

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